IRS XR6 Turbo ute

by Porter Performance

Xr6 Turbo Ute – Part 5
May 3, 2016

This week has been a very busy one with the ute build, with alot of travel, man hours and a few…

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xr6 Turbo Ute – Part 4
April 21, 2016

The ute is coming along really well this week, Porter and Grub set a goal of getting it finished from a…

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Xr6 Turbo Ute – Part 3
April 7, 2016

It`s been a very busy couple of weeks in the workshop with a huge amount of work being done on not…

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XR6 Turbo Ute – Part 2
March 18, 2016

It`s been a very busy week in the shop, With the Ute now rolling. Ian and Grubbos focus Shift onto the…

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XR6 Turbo Ute – Part 1
March 10, 2016

Australia, being the lucky country we have a huge choice when it comes to building and modifying cars, our car culture…

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