NULON Nationals 2016

Sporting Regulations
– 19062015

    • Title

This championship shall only be known as and referred to as the “Nulon Nationals”.

  • Authority / Jurisdiction

Each event in the Nulon Nationals 2016 (Nationals) shall be conducted under the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA); the National Competition Rules (NCR), the Speed Event Standing Regulations (Hillclimb and Circuit) and the National Motorkhana Code (NMC) of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Ltd (CAMS); the Sporting and Technical Regulations issued for this Nationals; Supplementary and Further Regulations issued by the organiser at each round; Bulletins issued by the Stewards of the  Meeting and any Driver Briefing Notes or instructions issued by the Race Director or Clerk of the Course at a meeting. The classification of the event as determined under the NCR will determine which regulations particular competitions to be conducted under.

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Ph: 02 9608 7800

    • Personnel

The following personnel have been appointed to the Nationals and have the authority to administrate the various aspects of these regulations as detailed in the
(a) Clerk of Course (CoC)

(b) Stewards (S)



To be eligible to compete in the Nationals, each Competitor must hold a minimum of a Level 2S CAMS Competitor’s Licence and be a financial member of a car club affiliated with CAMS.


There will be no fee for this series registration. The Nationals shall operation under the Nulon Nationals registration and Entry Process. Registration and Entry Forms shall be available from the Nulon Nationals website and with document checking being conducted at each round of the Nationals.

    • Rounds of the Nationals

The Nationals will be conducted over four (4) one-day rounds. The rounds of the 2016 Nationals will be as per the following:

Round One SMSP January 16 Motorkhana
Round Two Bathurst May 14/15 Hillclimb
Round Three SMSP July 23 Sprint race
Round Four Cootamundra September 24 Straight line Sprint


  • Force Majeure
  • The Event Organisers reserve the right to stop the event at any time they consider necessary in the interest of safety, or for any other reason.
  • Nulon Nationals reserve the right to cancel, abandon or postpone the event in accordance with NCR 59 of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport.
  • Statements

The Supplementary Regulations for a nominated event must include the following statement and the entry form must have provision for the competitor to nominate for the series.

This event will be a round of the Nulons Nationals

Each competitor must notify the organiser of the event, via the entry form, that they are contesting the series

Each event must be conducted under a multi-club or state status CAMS permit.


To be eligible vehicles:

  • must comply with Schedule A & B of the CAMS Manual of Motor Sport, General Requirements of Automobiles, and any other specific requirement as specified in event Supplementary Regulations;
  • Must be fitted with at least a three point seat belt (Type C), complying with CAMS Manual Schedule I, if it is a road registered closed vehicle. All other vehicles must be fitted with a Type B seat belt.
  • May have roll over protection fitted. If rollover protection is fitted it must conform to the Schedule J requirements pertaining to each specific event.
  • There may be specific tyre requirements at some competition venues, and the Supplementary Regulations of the event will specify any such requirements and will take precedence over these series regulations.

Round 1: There are no tyre requirements for this gymkhana

Round 2: tyre must be Australian Dot Approved, No full slick tyre, No Groved slick tyre (z214 etc)

Round 3: tyre must be Australian Dot Approved, No full slick tyre, No Groved slick tyre (z214 etc)

Round 4: Tyre must be of Radial construction


7.1   The following categories and classes will be recognised:

S1 4wd – All
S2 2wd – Forced induction
S3 2wd – under 3.5L
S4 2wd – Over 3.5L


7.2   Rotary engines are subject to capacity multipliers of 1.8

Note: The Organisers may re-classify any vehicle if they believe it is not eligible for the class in which it has been entered.

  • Prizes and Trophies
  • Prizes, trophies and awards shall be as determined by Nulon and shall be advised to each Competitor before the event, Trophies for each class will be awarded.
  • Outright winners with be the 3 fastest cars across the event. They will be rewarded with prizes for overall placing per round will include $500.00 for 1st place, $250.00 for 2nd place and $100.00 for 3rd
  • The winning club of the Nulon Nationals will receive a $5000.00 product sponsorship which is to be made available to the entire club
  • Pointscore
  • Each competitor that places in the top 15 of each class will receive points for their chosen club
  • The club who has accumulated the most points will be declared the winner.
  • In the event of a tie on points between clubs we will assess the best finish in each discipline, a count back will occur to determine which club achieved the highest class placings. If there is still a tie, the competitors will be declared joint-winners. All Prize money will be split in the event of a tie.
  • Points will be awarded equally for each of the 4 classes as follows
1st place = 15

2nd place = 14

3rd place = 13

4th place =12

5th place = 11

6th place = 10

7th place = 9

8th place = 8

9th place = 7

10th place =6

 11th place = 5

12th place = 4

13th place = 3

14th place = 2

15th place = 1


Results will be released by Nulon via their website within 7 days of the event taking place. You will find that they are often ready the night after the event but in some cases this may take longer (travel time etc) Facebook will often have up to date information, but the official results will be found on

Alcohol, Drug and other Substances:

We follow the Cams Anti – Doping policy which stats that: Any holder of a CAMS ‘Competition’ or ‘Officials’ licence (or equivalent licence issued by another ASN) may be tested for the presence of drugs (or other banned substances) and subject to a penalty(ies) for a breach in accordance with the CAMS Anti-Doping Policy and/or the CAMS Illicit Drugs in Sport (Safety Testing) Policy as published on the CAMS website. Consumption of alcohol in the paddock, pits or any section of the competition venue/course under the control of the Officials is forbidden until all competition is concluded each day. Accordingly, any holder of a CAMS ‘Competition’ or ‘Officials’ licence (or equivalent licence issued by another ASN) may also be tested for the presence of alcohol by a CAMS Accredited Testing Official (CATO) in accordance with the CAMS Standard Operating Procedure for Breath Alcohol Testing.