1. Authority: This Event is held under the FIA International Sporting Code (ISC), the CAMS National Competition

Rules (NCR) and the Speed Event Standing Regulations, the Passenger in Vehicle Guidelines, the 2015 NSW

Supersprint Championship Rules and Vehicle Regulations, these Supplementary Regulations, and any Further Regulations issued by the organising club. This Event will be conducted under and in accordance with CAMS OH&S and Risk Management Policies, which can be found on the CAMS website at

  1. CAMS Permit Number: TBA
  2. Promoter/Organising Club Road and Track Drivers Club
  3. Type of Event: Multi-Club Supersprint
  4. Date: 15th July 2017                       Day Saturday
  5. Venue: Sydney  Motor Sport Park   GP Circuit          

Location               Gate A, Ferrers Rd, Eastern Creek

  1. Track Surface Bitumen Track Length 93klms  Direction       Anticlockwise

Clerk of the Course              Gavin Bell                                                          Grade: Bronze

Chief Scrutineer                   TBA

Chief Timekeeper               Lisa Drayton                                                         Grade Gold

  1. Event Format

Cars will be divided into (6) groups. They will be divided into groups based on previous lap times recorded at the same circuit in the same vehicle. In the event that a driver has not competed at the track before, he/she will be placed in an appropriate group based on lap times recorded at other circuits. Each group will consist of up to 24 cars. When organising the groups, consideration will be given to dual entries.

Each run will comprise a minimum time to allow all competitors to complete at least 3 laps, with the time for the fastest single lap being used for results. The minimum time for each run will be 10 minutes

The proposed minimum number of runs on the day will be 5

(Note: The Event will not be concluded when this minimum is achieved. Event will only be concluded early for safety reasons or if no competitors available)

Note: Grouping of cars to form a ‘mini-race’ anywhere on the circuit is NOT permitted, and action will be taken by the Clerk of the Course if such an incident takes place.

  1. Familiarisation Session.

A familiarisation lap behind a pace car will be given only to drivers that have not previously competed at the track. They may be accompanied by a L2S Licence holder or higher with a minimum of 3 years’ experience, as a passenger to assist in pointing out flag points, braking markers, racing lines etc. Passengers shall complete the Passenger in Vehicles Disclaimer.

    1. Maximum number of Driver entries for the Event: 110
    2. Maximum number of Drivers per competitor 1.
    3. Drivers must be a member of a CAMS Affiliated Car Club
    4. General Opening Date: Entry Fee: Free – Invite only          
    5. Closing Date Friday 15th July 2017
    6. Entries from Drivers between 14 and 18 years of age must be counter-signed/consented by a parent or legal guardian on the official entry form.
    7. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry without giving a reason in accordance with NCR 83.
    8. Letter/email confirming acceptance of entries will be sent to each competitor (only for entries received more than 5 days before the event.
    9. Any vehicle presented for scrutineering will for the purpose of entry will be deemed to have competed. Any vehicle with a log book that has its logbook presented to scrutineering for the purpose of entry will also be deemed to have competed.
    10. All competitors & drivers must have signed the CAMS TSP-03 Disclaimer & Declaration Form prior to driving onto the competition surface.


  1. Minimum Licences:

Current CAMS Level 2S, Level 2SJ or a CAMS Licence of a higher status and a current club membership card of a CAMS-affiliated Car Club are compulsory and must be produced on the day of the Event or entry will be denied.

  1. Drivers Safety.
  • A helmet that complies with AS1698 or better must be worn and carries marking to that effect, or is otherwise approved by CAMS (see Schedule D Article 3.1 Section B Approved Helmets of the General Requirements for Cars and Drivers, in the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport). Helmets must be in good condition with no visual signs of damage.
  • The use of Frontal Head Restraint is not mandatory, however an FIA approved device is recommended
  • Clothing from ankles to wrists to neck must be worn. Clothing of flammable synthetic material, such as nylon, is not acceptable. Overalls to levels A, B and C (see Schedule D Article 3.3 Flame-retardant Overalls / Other Outwear) are recommended.
  • Flame retardant underwear and socks is not mandatory however FIA standard flame retardant underwear and socks is recommended.

A Flame retardant balaclava is not mandatory, however a motor sport standard flame retardant balaclava is recommended.

  • Shoes compliant with FIA8856-2000 or shoes which completely cover the feet, made entirely of leather or other flame-resistant material must be worn. Shoes which have a leather upper but which includes elasticised ankle regions are acceptable. Shoes that contain any synthetic materials such as nylon are not acceptable.
  • Gloves are not mandatory, however the use of FIA- standard flame-retardant gloves are strongly recommended.
  • For a driver of an open car, a full face helmet is highly recommended. Goggles or a visor with a lens material other than glass (ie to AS1609- 1981) are mandatory as are leather or Nomex gloves which entirely cover the hands.
  1. Scrutineering Requirements.
  2. a) Targeted scrutiny will be undertaken at the meeting for log book vehicles. If issued, a CAMS log book must be presented with helmet and apparel to scrutineering. Log book cars are not to be presented to The Chief Scrutineer for the event will determine which vehicles will be audited and competitors will be advised if an audit will occur and their log book will then be retained by scrutineering until the targeted audit has been completed.

All vehicles without a log book must be presented to scrutineering.

All vehicles must comply with Schedules A & B of the CAMS General Requirements for Automobiles (as specific in the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport), including

  • A fire extinguisher to CAMS requirements and fitted within reach of the driver. Refer Schedule B Article 2 in the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport.
  • A blue triangle, 150mm on each side mounted to indicate the battery location. Refer Schedule B Article 17 in the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport.
  • A secondary method of securing the bonnet. Refer Schedule B Article 1 in the CAMS Manual of Motor Sport. Note Road Registered cars fitted with the original manufacturers 2 stage bonnet locking system is considered as having two securing systems.
  • All forward facing glass lenses to be completely covered by a protective film. Refer Schedule B Article16 in the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport.
  • All loose objects are to be removed from the car.
  • The battery is to be firmly clamped.
  • Vehicles that have been issued with a CAMS Log Book must present the Log Book at Registration and Scrutineering.
  1. Competition numbers are to be positioned on both sides of the vehicle, and must be of a contrasting colour to the surrounding bodywork. They must be fitted to the vehicle prior to scrutineering and must comply with Schedule K Markings on Automobiles of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport.
  2. Drivers and vehicles must be presented in a clean and tidy manner, completely ready for the track including the driver’s apparel and helmet. Any tyre or component changes to the vehicle after scrutineering must be approved by the Chief Scrutineer before the vehicle is taken onto the track.
  3. Any vehicle found to be leaking oil or fluids whilst competing will be suspended from the event until the Chief Scrutineer / Clerk of the Course is satisfied that action has been taken to rectify the leak. Should there be a re-occurrence of the leak then the vehicle will be excluded from the remainder of the event.
  4. All vehicles must be fitted with visible towing hooks or a similar device both front & rear to allow for the speedy removal of a vehicle from a “sand trap” or removal from the circuit in the case of a mechanical failure as per Article 6 of Schedule C of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport.
  5. Fuel must be in accordance with Schedule G of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport.
  6. If the entrant wishes to compete in wet weather, windscreen wipers, headlights and tail lights need to be operational.

A sticker will be issued by scrutineering confirming that the vehicle has been given permission to compete.

Maximum Noise Limit: 95 dba at 30 metres.

Any car found to exceed the maximum noise emission limit will be suspended from the event until the Chief Scrutineer / Clerk of the Course is satisfied that action has been taken to bring it within the limit. Any vehicle that exceeds the limit on two runs will be excluded from the remainder of the event. If a vehicle exceeds the noise limit on any lap or laps within a run then only those laps in which the vehicle conformed to the requirements will be allowed for the purpose of the results.

  1. Pre-Event Scrutineering at Circuit

Start time: 0700hrs                           Finish time 0830hrs

Note: The Event will not be delayed due to late arrivals. It is the Drivers’ of Non-Log booked Road Registered vehicles responsibility to ensure their vehicles are scrutineered before the scheduled starting time of the Event. The driver must attend scrutineering personally so that their driving apparel can be checked.

  1. Drivers’ Briefing It is compulsory for ALL Drivers to attend. Scrutineering will cease whilst the Drivers’ Briefing is in progress.

.               Time                0840hrs                                              Location            Hinxman Room

Note: A Driver sign-on sheet must be completed by all Drivers to prove Briefing attendance, failure to sign on may result in exclusion from the day. The Organising Club must retain these sheets for any incident or accident reporting.

  1. Passenger sessions will be run at scheduled times during the day. All passengers MUST sign the declaration form before being allowed in any vehicle and are must meet the requirements listed in point 13.
  2. Event Schedule. Start time 0900hrs     Finish time            1700hrs
  3. Replacement Vehicles. At the sole discretion of the Clerk of the Course, a Driver whose vehicle has broken down may use a replacement vehicle. The replacement vehicle must have been scrutineered.
  4. Timing Equipment and Accuracy

All competitors must use individual Dorian Transponders and electronic timing will be to a minimum accuracy of  .01 second.

  1. Results A set of results will be available to all competitors within 5 days of the event. Results will be available on the Natsoft website.
  2. Authority of Officials. Any Driver not following a reasonable instruction by an official during the Event may be excluded at the discretion of the Stewards of the Meeting.  23 Medical Facilities.
  • Crash Rescue and Fire Fighting Facilities Rescue truck, fire truck and tilt tray suitably managed
  • Certain public, property, professional indemnity and personal accident insurance is provided by CAMS in relation to the event. Further details can be found in the CAMS Insurance Handbook, available at  
  • Personal Accident Contribution is affected by the purchase of a CAMS Level 2S Licence (or higher).
  • Postponement/Abandonment/Cancellation. The organisers reserve the right to postpone, abandon or cancel the Event is accordance with the NCR 59.
  • Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances. Any holder of a CAMS ‘Competition’ or ‘Officials’ licence (or equivalent licence issued by another ASN) may be tested for the presence of drugs (or other banned substances) and subject to a penalty(ies) for a breach in accordance with the CAMS Anti-Doping Policy and/or the CAMS Illicit Drugs in Sport (Safety Testing) Policy as published on the CAMS website. Consumption of alcohol in the paddock, pits or any section of the competition venue/course under the control of the Officials is forbidden until all competition is concluded each day. Accordingly, any holder of a CAMS ‘Competition’ or ‘Officials’ licence (or equivalent licence issued by another ASN) may also be tested for the presence of alcohol by a CAMS Accredited Testing Official (CATO) in accordance with the CAMS Standard Operating Procedure for Breath Alcohol Testing.
  • Additions and/or Alterations.

Any additions and/or alterations to these Supplementary Regulations will be notified to all Drivers in the Final Regulations or during the Drivers’ Briefing.